Tricks and Tips When Using Microcement in your Homes

Tricks and Tips When Using Microcement in your Homes

Tricks and Tips When Using Microcement in your Homes

If you are into creating a unique style for your home, then microcement is the perfect choice. One of the many great characteristics of microcement is that when you incorporate it into your designs it cannot be easily replicated. This is why it is ideal for use in creating a stunning interior.

Looking forward to using microcement into your home? Here are some tips you can use:

1. Match your Colour Schemes with Micro Cement Floors

With the improvement of technology, they are now able to make microcement in various colours. You won’t get stuck with the natural grey tone typically found in standard cement.

So, what are the colour schemes that you can use with a microcement flooring? You can use black and darker greys if you want an industrial aesthetic. If you want a cool and calming ambience, you may use soft pastel shades such as mint-green and light blues.

2. Modern Wallpapers with Micro Cement Floors

Another design trick you can use is matching wallpapers with microcement floors. For example, if you are to place a feature wall that involves using a bold pattern or vibrant colour, it contrasts well with the industrial look that microcement gives. This enhances the space and draws the attention to the feature wall.

3. Furnishings to Combine with Micro Cement Floors

Using furniture to compliment microcement floors will give you a wonderful contemporary design. Combining upholstered furniture to the modern industrial style that microcement creates is one of the tricks in mixing and matching microcement floors in either residential or commercial spaces.

If you are not a fan of upholstered furniture, wood and metal furnishings also look great on microcement. Try to experiment and add bookshelves, coffee tables and chairs.

With our expertise from years of experience, you’ll be assured that we will give you the best value for your money. At Matrick Surfaces we offer solutions to most substrates, we can also do microcement finishes for walls, steps, staircases and worktops. To know more about Microcemennt, don’t hesitate to give us a call at +44 (0)7932 423703.

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