Resin bound

Why choose Resin Bound?

Matricks Resin Bound stone carpet is a naturally beautiful product with excellent durability and a long life span.

Updating tired drives and pathways and giving the entrance and exterior to your home a fresh, modern, clean and contemporary over haul.

This is a three component mixture of resin with the desired aggregate That is then hand troweled to give you a polished stone carpet feel. This can really open up your home and naturally merge the outside inside.



Dependant on your existing substrate, with our skilled and experienced team of installers we will transform your old surface into a new clean contemporary look with minimal disruption.

  • Flexible
  • UV stable
  • No loose stones
  • Restricts weeds growing


Resin bound gravel is available in a wide variety of pre blended colours. The natural coulor of the stones is then mixed with a clear ultra violet stable resin which coats the stones preventing them from discolouring over time.