Microcement in Interior Design

Microcement in Interior Design

Microcement in Interior Design

Microcement is known for its adaptability, this is why it is a great choice when it comes to interior design. Whether you are using it in your flooring or walls, microcement offers unlimited design possibilities throughout your home. Here are some of the uses of microcement for interior design:

1. Worktop Surfaces

Since microcement is resilient to water, any area in which it is applied remains smooth and polished. Because of this, it is the best choice for worktop surfaces especially those in the kitchen. Microcement also provides an appearance similar to marble or granite without being too expensive. If you are worried about hygiene, these surfaces are as hygienic as those made from the finest marble. Additionally, microcement comes in countless colours and textures so we can ensure you will find the perfect match for your kitchen space.

2. Bathrooms

Whether used to cover floors or walls, microcement is suitable in the bathroom because it’s also water resistant. Aside from the walls and floors, you can also use microcement to coat your bath, shower base and sink. High humidity and moisture in the bathroom is not a problem for microcement.

3. Furniture and Fixtures

Microcement is ideal if you want to create a distinct concrete furniture or fixture since it covers a thin surface area when applied. For example, you can combine wooden chairs with a microcement coating to create a stunning contrast. You can also use microcement in furniture and fixtures such as frames, display cases and fireplaces.

These are just some of the many uses of microcement for interior design. With our expertise from years of experience, you’ll be assured that we will give you the best value for your money. At Matrick Surfaces we offer solutions to most substrates, we can also do microcement finishes for walls, steps, staircases and worktops. To know more about Microcement, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 07932423703.

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