Conditions To Satisfy Before Applying Microcement

Resin Flooring Kent | Conditions To Satisfy Before Applying Microcement

Conditions To Satisfy Before Applying Microcement

Microcement has been gaining popularity among commercial and residential property owners to improve the aesthetics of their interiors. But before using microcement, preparation of the surface is key to achieving an excellent end result. We have listed some basic conditions that must be observed before microcement application.

1. Spotless Surface

Before the application, you have to make sure that the surface is well-cleaned, and that dust and grease are not present.

2. Flatness of the Surface

MicroCement is between 3/4mm in thickness. Any defective or uneven floors must be rectified prior to installation. If the sub floors do not meet the requirements there may be the need to install a floor leveling compound prior to the MicroCement.

3. Free From Moisture

Make sure that the surface for application is dry. If you notice any moisture, determine the source of the problem and eliminate it. Use a humidity meter and check that the humidity in the area of application never exceeds 5%. Temperature, humidity and ventilation of the area must be first considered as these affect the drying process of the mortars and can potentially speed up or delay the setting process. Any dampness in the subfloors may also result in the staining of the finished article.

To ensure that you get the best end result, Matrick Surfaces guarantees that the conditions are met before application.

To know more about using Microcement, visit our website. Here at Matrick Surfaces, we provide the best Microcement and Resin Flooring services. If you’re planning to give your concrete the polished finish, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at +44 (0)1622 718045.

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